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Welcome to the Guardians of the Night guild website!

We are a guild from the game Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, and we are on the Seradon server.

If you would like to join our guild, please contact one of our officers in-game.  You could also put in an application here on the site, and we check our site every day!

The Ageless One Follow-Up

Draven Caine, Apr 10, 10 7:53 PM.
Many mighty warriors came to Coterie Infineum Sanctum to tackle the one true god of time: Kronus. 

Kelstim, Jenavira, Cantatoris, and Muriah showed their mettle as they rented mounts and called on Randolph the Reindeer to fly them to the smallest of precipice to meet "The Ageless One", servant to Kronus and forever locked in time as the keeper of all knowledge in that area.  Enslaved by Kronus for eternity, he tells you that if you kill his master, he will tell you the whole story that Smith Of'Barba wants so badly.

The Ageless One tells you that there are five pieces to Kronus, his entire being shattered to protect himself.  You must travel down the tower of time to slay each protective piece of Kronus.  Getting to each tiny shelf is a technique that is easily done with Cantatoris calling on the wind to levitate the group.  Without the levitation there, many times our heroes would have been thrown to their death... That which Kelstim seemed to realize many a time.

After slaying each segment of Kronus and uniting them together, The Ageless One tells to you confront Kronus, and defeat him in an epic battle to free him and all of Kronus' slaves alike.  Returning to the Chamber of Revitalization, the party fought their way to Kronus on his pedestal, and slew all who got in their way.  Upon approaching Kronus the heroes were locked in a perilous combat, where time itself was torn asunder by Kronus, and the very gravity beneath their feet was shifted.  Locked in the maddening melee, our heroes slowly worked his life away, constantly draining his life away with each blow the allies inflicted upon him.  Down and down his life drew, in a maddeningly slow pace, as each member became tired, but persistent they never faltered.

Finally, weakened, he attempted to throw the party away at the end, but Cantatoris, humming his tune of levitation, never allowed the party to fall away.  Kronus, keeper of time, and supposed immortal, fell at the hands of our heroes, and eager to gain the rewards returned to the Ageless One the learn the end of their tale. 

Earning a powerful belt, Cantatoris returned to Smith Of'Barba.  Chuckling at the outlandish story, he tells of weapons he was saving for the miner's archives... but would allow one to be selected by the teller of the tale.

Game update: 4/7/10

Draven Caine, Apr 9, 10 5:37 PM.
Magi Hold: Chapter 3 has arrived! There are new adventuring, crafting, and diplomacy quests now available for level 50+ players.
You can find quest boards leading to Magi Hold in New Targonor, Ahgram, and Tawar Galan.
See Naji Sevenblade in the Magi Hold barracks before the furnace room to start the first part of the main quest line, or her assistant Shou Kai Skyfall for side quests.

Lord Talfyn stirs once again
Hatred has once again taken hold of Misthaven, and a call for aid has been sent for the strongest adventurers. The mirror to Shadow Hilsbury has opened. Beyond the mirror await Lord Talfyn, Prince Julian, Lady Serra, and the fearsome Hilsbury Hound! Be warned the mirror adventures must overcome crushing burdens in addition to the powers of the Talfyn family. Those who wish to help in exterminating the Vampire Blight from the face of Telon should travel to the Hilsbury Mansion.

Magi Hold: Chapter 3 has arrived! There are new story quests, side quests, as well as new group and raid bosses. In addition to new quest rewards, there are also new crafting recipes for those that have finished the crafting quest line in Magi Hold and new drops across the board.
Shadow Hilsbury has arrived!

There is now a monk trainer in Dahknarg.

  • Added a Shorterm Buffs Window to the UI.  You can adjust the maximum duration buffs must be to show up in this window via the Interface Settings tab.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the 'Debuffs cast by me' window to become out of sync and show spells that had already faded.
  • Regens now show decimals in the stats tab.
  • Fix for immunity heals not showing the absorbtion amounts. Now when you nuke an npc that has an immunity to a type, it should give some feedback, including telling you when it healed instead of damaged the npc.

The Jump Ring no longer works in combat
Imperial Firebombs and Imperial Medicine have had their effects improved.
The Ranger Epic Itemset has been fixed.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Draven Caine, Apr 9, 10 2:56 PM.
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